Mary Mize

Little Easter Snake

Little Snake and Little Mouse share another adventure in Little Easter Snake. In their first encounter, a very curious Little Snake gets trapped, and Little Mouse comes to the rescue. This time, Little Snake returns the favor. Author Mary Mize, with the help of illustrator Darcy Peters, shares a story of friendship and adventure in Little Easter Snake. Join Little Snake as he explores the colors and delights of Easter.

Use your imagination to tell the story!

Letters from Scamper

Scamper is a mischievous five-year-old cat who enjoys living on the farm. She along with four other cats make life interesting for SHE (author Mary Mize). Always curious about her surroundings, Scamper loves to explore and then write about her adventures in poems and letters to her friends at Boonville Animal Hospital. Somehow she picked up enough computer skills to do that. Cat lovers of all ages will enjoy reading about Scamper and her friends. All of her stories are true…even if a bit puffed up.

Little Christmas Snake

Author Mary Mize, with the help of illustrator Darcy Peters, weaves a tale in Little Christmas Snake meant to spur young readers to add elements from their own imaginations. Growing in popularity, wordless picture books help young children develop storytelling skills unhindered by limited writing and reading skills.

His Name is Ben

When five-year-old Kelly overhears Mom and Dad discussing names for her new baby brother, she offers a solution. It is easy to spell, easy to say and fits him perfectly. So why doesn’t anyone call him by that name? Frustrated, she tries to convince everyone she meets that…His Name Is Ben!

Inspired by her own grandchildren, author Mary Mize weaves a delightful tale of a big sister bonding with her new baby brother. Illustrator Suzy Keller brings the characters to life with her attention to detail in every picture. Great reading for any child, and especially for one with a new baby brother or