Fresh voices. Quality content.

Gypsy Heart Press published its first book in 2011. Its founder, Erin K. Casey, decided to carve her own path in the publishing world after researching her options and speaking with other children’s book authors. Why? Horror stories about cherished manuscripts being bought and never published—or published 11 years (eleven!) after receiving a signed contract—offered more than enough reasons to avoid the traditional route.

Drawing on her experience in magazine publishing—an industry adept at producing beautiful content in short time frames—she found the resources and people she needed to publish her first book under the Gypsy Heart Press imprint.

Since that time, Gypsy Heart Press, has empowered others to publish professional-quality books. Our titles are available for small- and large-quantity runs and can be purchased through major online book retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Fresh Voices

Breaking into the traditional publishing world can be a challenge, especially for new authors. We also know that people write and publish books for different reasons. Some want to leave a legacy. Some want to build a platform and grow a business. Others want to share important messages. The goal at Gypsy Heart Press is to help authors, particularly new authors, produce the best possible book as they begin this amazing journey.

Quality Content

The publishing industry has been in a constant state of change for well over a decade. Technology today makes it possible for anyone to become a published author. That’s excellent news! The downside of this ease of entry into the market is that too many of the millions of books that are self- and indie-published every year look homemade.

Poorly edited and designed books do more harm than good for an author’s reputation, which is why Gypsy Heart Press is committed to helping authors create beautiful, well-written books. Working in conjunction with its sister company, My Writers’ Connection, Gypsy Heart Press helps authors turn their manuscripts into books they can be proud to share with the world.