Daniel: Esteemed by God

Does God care when things go wrong in our lives?

Daniel and his friends may have asked themselves that question as they faced captivity, unfair politics, and even death sentences. Time after time, Daniel asked God for help—for hope—and God answered! Although the accounts in Daniel may seem a bit removed from the reality of life today, the truth is that the God who guided and protected His people back then is the same God who cares for you today.

The powerful stories and prophecies in the book of Daniel are exciting and, at times, confusing. In truth, not even Daniel himself understood everything he wrote about. But here’s the good news: He didn’t have to understand everything to have a close relationship with God; he simply needed to believe God and trust Him.

Daniel: Esteemed by God reveals the beautiful message of God’s faithful love and continual presence in our lives. What Daniel and his friends discovered remains true in today’s constantly changing world: God is in control. By relying on Him, you can find peace, even in the direst of circumstances.

Designed to be accessible for Bible students and novices alike, this book—with its short chapters, complete scripture references, and thought-provoking questions—makes this Old Testament book personally relevant. Most importantly, Daniel: Esteemed by God will help you better understand how to have a close relationship with God and experience His love in a deeper way.