Lost in Comache Country

Lost in Comache Country

A Wild West Adventure!

A moment ago, Mariana was trying on a Native American headpiece -- now she's running scared through the Wild West.

Caught in a clash of cultures and hunted by hungry mountain lions, Mariana wonders if she'll make it home in one piece!

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About the Book

Mariana just moved to Mayfield and feels so lonely! When she visits Zany’s Zia’s Hats to Where, she tries on a beautiful Native American headpiece and finds herself the middle of a feud between Comanche and Kickapoo Indians and Texas settlers!

It’s a Wild West adventure that takes Mariana waaay out of her comfort zone and teaches her about making new friends in unexpected circumstances.

After facing mountain lions and angry cowboys, she learns not to jump to conclusions about people who are different from her, and instead to look for the best in others.

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Yet another book in Zany Zia series that got read within a single day. My daughter is a vivid reader with high expectations for a book, but she only had positives to say about this book. Great story kept her interested through the whole time. We can't wait to get our hands on yet another Zany Zia's story.
Lost in Comanche Country teaches many great life lessons including the importance of friendship and the danger of judging people too quickly. The story moves quickly and kept me interested from the first page. As a reader who loves history, I was especially appreciative of the amount of new information I learned about Indian traditions, food and even their clothing.
This is the second of the Zany Zia Hats To Where Series and it is as exciting and well-written as the first one. There is plenty of action with everything from an attack of a mountain lion to a posse of townspeople who plan an attack on an unsuspecting village of Comanche Indians. The most important message of the story however is that people of different ethnic groups can learn to not only tolerate each other but actually appreciate their differences. Marianna, the heroine of the story not only learns the value of unlikely friendships, she is able to impart her newly learned knowledge to the adults around her. A great lesson and action-packed story that will appeal to all ages!
Three of our kids read Lost in Comanche Country - quite honestly, it is not always easy finding a book ALL three like. It was fun to look over at them when they were reading to see that they were deep into the story. In fact, they were so interested, they did not want to put it down even when the others were playing games. 12 year old daughter: "Really nice and descriptive book that had a lot of action. I really liked it!" 10 year old (analytical) son: "ACTION! It was really interesting." When asked if he would recommend it to his friends, he said "definitely" 8 year old son: "Liked the action - very good book." Would definitely recommend it to those looking for a great book for their kids.
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About the Author
Erin K. Casey

Erin K. Casey is a wife, mom, writer, and travel lover. She is the author of Get Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story, as well as the children’s adventure series: Zany Zia’s Hats to Where. Through her stories and images, she hopes to inspire people to see God at work in their lives.

As a ghostwriter, editor, and publishing coach, she has helped bestselling authors as well as business and life coaches share their messages effectively and professionally. She has written articles on topics ranging from faith and religion, to entrepreneurship, as well as celebrity and business profiles. Her work has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, Empowering Women, Live Happy, and Success from Home among others.

Erin earned a BA in journalism from Sam Houston State University with a focus in advertising and photography. The combined study of words and imagery helped her establish a successful career as a writer, editor, book coach and marketing professional.

Connect with Erin on Instagram: @erinkcasey.

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