My Serendipity Journal

My Serendipity Journal

A Journal for Free Writing, Drawing, and Reflection

Designed to be used as a stand-alone journal or to accompany The Serendipity Journal middle-grade novel by Allyson Apsey. My Serendipity Journal offers space for middle  and intermediate school writers to think, dream, write, and draw.

About the Book

This is your book. 

It’s a place for you to . . . 





and wonder

Most of all, it’s a place for you to discover the moments of serendipity in your life . . . because they are there! 

But the thing about serendipity is that you don’t actually find it by accident. You have to watch for it. Pay attention to it. Seize it! 

Your Serendipity Journal is the perfect place to capture the best (and the worst and the silliest and the most embarrassing) moments and find the serendipity in them. 

Happy writing!

About the Author
Allyson Apsey

Allyson Apsey is the author of The Serendipity Journal. She fell in love with the idea of hunting down happy accidents every day after she watched the movie Serendipity, starring one of her favorite actors, John Cusack. From our deepest sorrows to joys beyond our imagination and all the everyday stuff in between, everything we experience offers us gifts if we look for them. We can learn empathy, inner strength, lessons about the human spirit, and so much more.

Allyson has been a voracious reader since a young age, and she continues to read for enjoyment and to learn. Her family jokes that no one could ever find her when she was younger because she was always holed up somewhere reading a book. Her love for writing developed in grade school when she would often write mystery stories or journal in her diary.

Getting to spend her days in school with children and educators as an elementary principal brings Allyson tremendous joy. She has been a teacher and principal to students of all levels over the past twenty-plus years. Allyson is the author of the popular professional development books, The Path to Serendipity and Through the Lens of Serendipity. She also writes children’s books, including a picture book called The Princes of Serendip. All her work highlights her expertise in William Glasser’s Choice Theory, and her certification as a trauma-informed practitioner. Allyson often is asked to share her message in schools across the nation to both educators and students.

Being a mom to Laine and Tyson, as well as being Jim’s wife, are Allyson’s favorite and most important jobs. She also loves being a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a friend, and a colleague to so many people who feel like sunshine.

Allyson writes on a blog called Serendipity in Education that can be found at

Other Books in "The Serendipity Journal"
Series: The Serendipity Journal, Book 1J
Genre: Middle Grade Novel
ISBN: 9781950714124
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