The Serendipity Journal

The Serendipity Journal

Realistic fiction that middle grade readers will love!

When Kip moves to a new school, she discovers she's going to need more than a little luck to survive 6th grade.

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About the Book

A new town, a new school, no friends . . . and now Kip has to deal with a bully. It’s going to take more than luck to make it through sixth grade; it’s going to take some serendipity.

When Kip’s dad loses his job, her family packs up and moves to Jackson. She misses her friends, her old school, and having her own room! Then, just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, a boy at school decides to try to make her life miserable.

Kip’s Serendipity Journal is the one place where she can share how she really feels. And it’s where she discovers that sometimes serendipity is even better than luck.

“The Serendipity Journal is the perfect addition to the young adult library. Allyson weaves a story that brings to life the essence of hope, courage, and strength. I highly recommend this book. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and make an impact.”
– Beth Houf, proud principal, Fulton Middle School, coauthor of Lead Like a PIRATE: Make School Amazing for Students and Staff
“As an avid reader myself, I love stories that are so engrossing I’m lost in the characters and begin to feel like they’re real people I know and trust. Allyson Apsey is a gifted author with several books already, but I dare to say her first foray into fiction might just be my favorite yet! Definitely pick yourself up a few copies of The Serendipity Journal to share with kids you love.”
– Todd Nesloney, director of culture and strategic leadership for TEPSA, author, speaker
“Kip’s story is one readers won’t soon forget. The rapport between Kip and Mrs. Holiday is both heartwarming and uplifting. The Serendipity Journal is the perfect invitation for teachers and students to engage in meaningful dialogue, opening the doors to relationships that truly matter.”
– Heather Shadish, fifth-grade teacher
“The Serendipity Journal is a refreshing novel for all ages. Young adult readers will relate to this book and especially Kip, the main character, with all of the ups and downs that she experiences. Allyson weaves heartfelt ideas in subtle but meaningful ways. By drawing from her own real life examples, readers instantly devour the life-changing lessons. Allyson’s passion to support children of trauma shines brightly through the rich characters created in this novel. This serendipitous story offers practical social emotional strategies for young adults experiencing all of these challenges in real time. I highly recommend this book for anyone that has had an experience that tested their character.”
– Jennifer Appel, middle school reading specialist, cocreator of Award Winning Culture
“The Serendipity Journal by Allyson Apsey illuminates the power potential of invitational writing as a pathway to ‘stumbling upon beautiful lessons in the most surprising place.’ As we peek into Kip’s written conversations with Mrs. Holiday, the journal transforms into a metaphor that illustrates the impact of student-centered conversational journals as fiction and reality merge in joyful union. I can envision teachers bringing their own Serendipity Journals to life as the same spirit of unwavering enthusiasm will become a collective force of professional good in classrooms everywhere.”
– Dr. Mary Howard, literacy consultant, author
“In The Serendipity Journal, Allyson Apsey brings together the power of a passionate teacher and the life lessons she can share with a beautiful story of how one student is able to overcome her fears and the bullying of others in order to find her place in our world. Allyson takes her own serendipitous life journey and weaves it into a story that will be familiar to all of us. The lessons learned by Kipalee will change her life forever and will change yours when you read them.”
– Jay Billy, principal of Ben Franklin Elementary School and author of Lead with Culture
“You know what’s tough? Middle school. You know what else is tough? Moving. How about if you are a middle schooler who has to move and start fresh in a new school? In her new book, The Serendipity Journal, Allyson Apsey introduces us to Kipalee, a middle school girl who many of us can relate to and who we can’t help but fall in love with as we cheer her on through her struggles with moving and middle school. This realistic fiction book is one that I can’t wait to share with so many upper-elementary and middle school students. Thanks to one caring adult, Kipalee’s teacher, we see how Kip learns to take care of herself and stand up for herself. I wish The Serendipity Journal had been around when I was stumbling through middle school! Readers are going to love that this book comes with a playlist and background information from the author about each chapter. Be sure to grab a copy for yourself and then share this important book with as many students as you can.
– Liz Garden, elementary principal, Dr. Leroy E. Mayo School, Scholastic Principal Advisory Board
“I want to get this in the hands of my students tomorrow! Raw! Real! Refreshing! The Serendipity Journal will easily be our next read-aloud! Its dynamic story is easily relatable and full of fun! Within the first few pages, I easily fell in love with Kip. Her spirit is easily relatable, and her message to all adolescents that life is full of humor, challenges, and moments of serendipity makes The Serendipity Journal the perfect text for a classroom library or family read. Allyson Apsey clearly poured her heart and soul into this project. This book is a gem to the world of education.”
– Rae Hughart, sixth-grade math teacher, director of training and development for the Teach Better team
“With perfectly flawed characters and challenges people of all ages will relate to, Allyson Apsey has crafted one of those rare tales that students and teachers will fall in love with together.”
– Dr. Brad Gustafson, national distinguished principal, best-selling author
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About the Author
Allyson Apsey

Allyson Apsey is the author of The Serendipity Journal. She fell in love with the idea of hunting down happy accidents every day after she watched the movie Serendipity, starring one of her favorite actors, John Cusack. From our deepest sorrows to joys beyond our imagination and all the everyday stuff in between, everything we experience offers us gifts if we look for them. We can learn empathy, inner strength, lessons about the human spirit, and so much more.

Allyson has been a voracious reader since a young age, and she continues to read for enjoyment and to learn. Her family jokes that no one could ever find her when she was younger because she was always holed up somewhere reading a book. Her love for writing developed in grade school when she would often write mystery stories or journal in her diary.

Getting to spend her days in school with children and educators as an elementary principal brings Allyson tremendous joy. She has been a teacher and principal to students of all levels over the past twenty-plus years. Allyson is the author of the popular professional development books, The Path to Serendipity and Through the Lens of Serendipity. She also writes children’s books, including a picture book called The Princes of Serendip. All her work highlights her expertise in William Glasser’s Choice Theory, and her certification as a trauma-informed practitioner. Allyson often is asked to share her message in schools across the nation to both educators and students.

Being a mom to Laine and Tyson, as well as being Jim’s wife, are Allyson’s favorite and most important jobs. She also loves being a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a friend, and a colleague to so many people who feel like sunshine.

Allyson writes on a blog called Serendipity in Education that can be found at

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Series: The Serendipity Journal, Book 1
Genre: Middle Grade Novel
Publisher: Gypsy Heart Press
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781950714100
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